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iTurbo - Direct Numerical Simulation

"I'm doing PhD stuff on my mobile!"

"Finally I understand the underlaying mathematics!"

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Imagine that it is now possible to do some serious calculations on a mobile phone.

The theory

This application performs a Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) where the Navier-Stokes equations are solved for two dimensional incompressible homogeneous turbulence. These equations, shown at the bottom of this page, are a set of nonlinear partial differential equations. The time stepping is performed with a simple Euler method where the time step is calculated so that the CFL number does not exceeds the given number (should be less than 0.8 otherwise the simulation blows up). The equations are solved in the Fourier space where the calculation of the nonlinear term transforms to a simple multiplication. The main CPU usage is consumed by transforming the vorticity field back and fourth between the Normal space where the time-stepping is performed and the Fouirer space where the nonlinear term is calculated.


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